Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Year 4: In Troubled Spain

Read the following article:
In Troubled Spain

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VICABR said...

Hi, I am Vicente, as you know, a teacher of a Highschool.
I totally agree with this paper. The demostration of this idea is very easy, we just have to go to London to observe this situation. You could see indian, ruussian, or even italian people who speak beter English than us. I teach natural sciences in 1est of ESO. Some times we speak in English. In consequence most of the studen do not have idea of any expression. So, In my opinion, in the furure the Spanish people will have to work in others countries. So our children need high English level to get a good job.

Anonymous said...

Hi Vicente,

Thanks for your comment. I couldn't agree more. Children who don't speak at least one foreign language will fall behind and will be less likely to find a good job.